Maximize the quality of your thinking.

When you think better you work smarter and have less stress. You can unleash and make better use of the assets and potential you already have: knowledge, wisdom, skills, talents and resources.

When the quality of your thinking improves every other measure of performance and success can improve as well. Including leadership, decision-making, behavior, innovation, communication, agility, teamwork, productivity, profitability, relationships and even learning itself.

Check out the Minute Shift.

Ideas for small but significant changes. Sent weekly. About 60 seconds out of your day. Swear.

Says one subscriber, "47 seconds of the best advice you're going to get all week."

"Mary made a tremendous impact in my life both professionally and personally. She began working with me at just the right time. With her help and guidance I was able to refocus my practice on what was truly important and bring more value to my clients. My only regret is that I did not hire her earlier in my career."

Christine Zych, Owner, Dovetail Estate Planning, P.C.


Mary Kutheis (kooth-ice), CPC

Executive Coach & Confidant

Fixing what's not working...

The challenges at the top (and more) are fixable.

You need a  confidential partner to listen, diagnose and advise. Also important are improving specific skills and harnessing the mindset to optimize both your time and your on-the-job relationships.

Working together, dependent upon your specific challenges you take away...

  • systems and processes to use time to your best advantage
  • greater insight into yourself and others
  • improved collaboration and teamwork
  • confidence in your leadership skills
  • a focused, resilient mindset
  • greatly reduced, even eliminated, overwhelm
  • the ability to accomplish more of the right things at the ideal time
  • a motivating company culture
  • simply being happier at work

There are a million coaches out there. What’s different about my process?


It's about you.

It starts as a human process – tapping into who you are, how you work, what drives you and where you’re going. Then we create solutions tailored to your unique style, habits, preferences and goals.


Unique expertise.

Priorities directly impact what you get done. People are at the root of the culture of your business. Do the right things with the right people on your team doing their best.



I’ve established an accountability process that clients say they haven’t seen with other coaches. I kindly and firmly keep you accountable to yourself and your professional and business growth.



Thirty-seven years of business and people experience is put to work for you. We drill down to key issues and create targeted solutions focused on the most effective use of your time and create a culture of collaboration.



Assessments are just one part of the process. They unlock key information to guide the work, which dramatically increases the effectiveness of what we do together.

If you could make the changes you want on your own, you would. Teaming up will get you there.

Working as a team, the situations that have challenged you are uncovered. Then skills are developed and strategies created to significantly improve results, landing you where you want to be.

You get the results you’re looking for because you have a partner working alongside you.