Great Leadership starts with great Self-Leadership.

Self-leadership is about influencing one's own thinking in order to unite knowledge, skill, talent, wisdom and resources toward fulfillment of a mission.

Good thinking is essential for the application and development of almost any skill or competency. Which makes "how one thinks" the ideal starting point for personal and professional growth.

Valuegenic Self-Leadership is a core leadership competency upon which all other competencies can be built, enhanced and accelerated. It makes all other professional development more successful.

Start with the Self and see the difference.


Check out the Minute Shift.

Ideas for small but significant changes. Sent weekly. About 60 seconds out of your day. Swear.

Says one subscriber, "47 seconds of the best advice you're going to get all week."

"Mary made a tremendous impact in my life both professionally and personally. She began working with me at just the right time. With her help and guidance I was able to refocus my practice on what was truly important and bring more value to my clients. My only regret is that I did not hire her earlier in my career."

Christine Zych, Owner, Dovetail Estate Planning, P.C.

You know there's always room for improvement. You know you've got even more to offer and want to unlock it. You're ready to do the work. 

Self-Leadership 1-2-3

An eight-week coaching program in three parts:

  1. Clarity of Purpose - What do you want and why?
  2. Active Mindfulness - Building mental muscle to think the way you choose to think.
  3. Wisdom in Action - Use Cognitive Assets to be the person you want to be and achieve your goals.