I’ve heard stories about some pretty ugly behavior in the shopping malls and seen a few disturbing scenes myself in traffic and stores. I’ve also listened as people fret over all there is to do (on top of already packed schedules) and how in the world to resist all the temptations that derail efforts to eat clean and healthy. These quick ideas will turn the stress around and help you focus on the right things.

  1. Savor every bite with zero guiltgrinch and max
  2. Have meaningful conversations
  3. Take a nap
  4. Be kind to cashiers and anyone else who serves you
  5. Let other people out in traffic
  6. Say please and thank you
  7. Smile – even when you‘re alone
  8. Slow down, be patient
  9. Listen to people as if there were going to be a test
  10. Spend one entire day in your pajamas
  11. Look at holiday lights instead of the light on your smartphone
  12. Give whatever you can to someone who would be grateful for your time or money
  13. Sing along with the radio
  14. Forgive people – and yourself, too
  15. Know that whatever you got done is great.  And whatever you didn’t get done doesn’t matter.

When you think about it, most of these would make any day better.