I spent 17 years working for other people and while I almost always loved the work I did, the bad days were caused by one of two things.

Time. And people. On really tough days it was both.

I knew there had to be a better way, and there is. For the last two decades I've coached business owners, executives and leaders to get control of how they spend their time and eliminate office drama. My expertise is in time management, communication skills, emotional intelligence and leadership. Master those and see the remarkable transformation in you and your business.

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Delivering what I promise. Partnering with clients to hold them accountable as we work on what they want to achieve.



Showing who I am. Being open and transparent in conversations, negotiations and collaborations.



Growing myself, my business and being an active partner in the personal and professional growth my clients seek.



My actions must merit respect. My content must merit your attention. My work must merit my fee.



Unnecessary complexity hampers progress. Choose the simplest, most effective path for my business and my clients.



Choosing to act with heart and empathy.



Business shouldn’t be a slog. Put fun into business and lightness into life.

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Saying what needs to be said when it needs saying to improve understanding and collaboration


"Mary helped me in so many ways. Most recently, I was struggling with how to set boundaries with my clients as I felt like I was being taken advantage of more and more. She gave me the tools and confidence that I needed to approach my clients in a professional manner to discuss my concerns. She helped me to see my real worth and encouraged me through the process. She also helped me with my time management."

"Mary is as good as they come, she's an incredible coach with experience and a whole lot of wisdom. Her ability to listen, ask targeted questions and inspire you to see the next level is remarkable. I can't wait to work with her again."

"As a career woman and mother of three young children, having someone like Mary in your corner is not just invaluable; it is necessary."

Some of my clients re-engage either right away or after a break, to continue their professional development process.

Much of my business comes from delighted clients referring me to their colleagues and friends.

There is no greater endorsement than that.

Let Science Catapult Your Understanding of Yourself

I'm certified in several assessments that help you understand your own behavior, learn what driving forces impact you, know how skilled you are for 25 different competencies and determine your level of emotional intelligence. These scientifically valid assessments are a rocket ship to understanding what's going on with you. How clearly they capture the real you is exciting and extremely helpful. You'll love knowing more about yourself.

A Word About Company Culture - Especially If You Hate Yours

The culture of an organization makes a huge difference. If the culture at your company isn’t ideal for you but you’re not leaving, you need to figure out how to successfully navigate it. To not do so is misery. And as they say, life is too short. I share solutions for navigating very challenging situations. You can stay where you are and stay sane, too.

Now What?

If you’ve gotten this far and wonder what to do next...