St. Louis Resource for Free Paper Shredding


Everyone should have access to a paper shredder. Large companies often have a bin on-site that is regularly picked up by a shredding service or can hire a company to bring a truck on-site to shred the results of a major office clean-out. But what about the small or home office? A file clean-out often produces too much volume for a home-office shredder to handle, but not enough volume to warrant the expense of an on-site shredding truck.

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Productive Cell Phone Habits

cell phone

I was contacting applicants who were applying for an entry-level position and was stunned by how they handle their cell phones. It’s competitive out there people! With many applicants for few positions, it doesn’t take much to be eliminated from the pool of candidates. Here are a few simple tips for folks who are looking…

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How to Have a Clutter-Free Office

organized office

t’s easy for an office to get out of control, organization-wise. Things come into your space with very little effort, but it requires time and effort — even if just a little bit of both — to get things out of that space.

An organized office

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No Phone Zone — Being Productive on the Road

No Phone Zone

For years I’ve been suggesting to clients — and anyone else who will listen — to use time in the car to think– and to STAY OFF OF THE PHONE. I’m not a fan of multitasking in most cases, and talking on the phone (or worse, texting) is a multitasking habit that can have, and has had, grave consequences.
Statistics show that being on the phone is akin to driving drunk. It reduces brain activity associated with driving by 37%. For those who say talking on the phone is the same as talking to a passenger,

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Do Your Actions Match Your Words?

While on vacation I went for a run in unfamiliar territory. A residential area, at one point I was charged by two barking dogs. Now I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like so instead of being afraid, I stopped and tried to make friends. I started talking to the dogs in a sweet voice and at the same time raised my hands up by my shoulders to show I was no threat.

Until it occurred to me that dogs, not being familiar with armed robbery, may have interpreted my raised hands as an attack posture instead of

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