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Pace Yourself to Get First Place Results

pace yourself

My accountability partner mentioned that he shaved three minutes off his 5k time. If you’re a runner, you’ll know that’s a pretty big improvement. If you’re not a runner, just trust me, it is! Also, trust me when I say it’s a perfect analogy to how you can also be more successful at work.

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How Losing Mom Helped Me Find Insight


Last year I lost my mom. It is undoubtedly the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever gone through. She was a wonderful person and I miss her every single day. If you’ve lost someone very close to you, you get it. She taught me the most important lessons in life, and she taught me an enormously important lesson in her death.

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I Probably Should Have Just Bought a Rubber Stamp


Have you ever asked for someone’s opinion and then realized you didn’t want it?

That happened to me recently. After working hard on a graphic that explains my services, I came up with what I thought was pretty good and then had a graphic designer polish it up. After that was done I shared it with a few people to see what they thought.

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Your Brain May Be Sabotaging Your Success

nocebo effect

You’re likely familiar with the placebo effect. It’s when a patient experiences a positive reaction to an inert drug or procedure because he has been told that is what the drug or procedure will do.

Not as well known is the nocebo reaction. C

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