Communication Skills

Why You Might Be Leaving a Lousy Impression

sidebar conversation

At two recent events I was the victim of the Sidebar Conversation. This is a conversation an attendee starts with his or her “neighbor” – during the presentation. It may be about the topic, but it’s still a conversation while the speaker is speaking. And it’s rude.

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Is civility in the workplace in trouble?

civility in the workplace

I brought up politics over cocktails and here’s what happened.

It was an experiment.

Pretty certain that the guy I was meeting with was on the other side of the political spectrum, I asked him what he thought about the election. Over the next half hour we had a spirited discussion about the players, major political issues and the state of the country. It got tens

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What to Do When Conversations Get Tense

conflict management

Challenging conversations at work are inevitable. Deadlines, enormous workloads, differing mindsets and behavioral styles, mistakes, and more, all set the stage for conflict. In this video I share a couple of different ways you can handle that conflict.

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