Communication Skills

There’s No Point in Making Your Point at This Point.

no point making your point

Know when to shut up. Of all the communication skills you can develop, knowing when to “zip it” can come in pretty handy.

Sometimes, despite all the evidence to back up your viewpoint, and in spite of the obvious flaws in the other person’s way of thinking,

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Why You Have Too Much Email

email overload

There’s a disturbing networking trend going on. If you hand out your business card, the recipient sometimes thinks that’s permission to automatically sign you up for their bulk sales and marketing email messages.

I understand many people have something to sell, whether a product or service, and they’re therefore looking to increase

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Don’t Pull a Katie Couric

I had a sinking feeling when the evening news world was all abuzz about Katie taking over the CBS Evening News. I was happy that she got the offer and behind her all the way in hoping she would succeed in her new role. But also concerned she would do exactly what she ended up doing.

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The Blue Angels Guide to Being the Best in Your Field

blue angels

Recently I was engrossed in a Blue Angels documentary and picked up an aviation-inspired lesson. The Blue Angels are the naval aviators who make up the U.S Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron. They pilot F/A-18 Hornets through graceful, gravity-defying aerobatics and stunning wingtip-to-wingtip formations.

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