Communication Skills

What You Can’t Tell by Looking at Someone…


People mess up. They say they wrong thing, do something insensitive, fail to live up to promises, look at you funny, or do substandard work. It’s frustrating and hurtful being on the receiving end of those kinds of behaviors, but in most cases you’d do well to allow for the possibility that just maybe the slight isn’t about you.

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How People React to the Misery of Others


A news story shares the predicament of a 69 year old grandmother in France who was locked in her bathroom for three weeks before being rescued. She banged on pipes to attract the attention of her neighbors. But the neighbors thought the excessive noise was being made by workmen and started a petition to cease

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Productive Cell Phone Habits

cell phone

I was contacting applicants who were applying for an entry-level position and was stunned by how they handle their cell phones. It’s competitive out there people! With many applicants for few positions, it doesn’t take much to be eliminated from the pool of candidates. Here are a few simple tips for folks who are looking…

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Do Your Actions Match Your Words?

While on vacation I went for a run in unfamiliar territory. A residential area, at one point I was charged by two barking dogs. Now I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like so instead of being afraid, I stopped and tried to make friends. I started talking to the dogs in a sweet voice and at the same time raised my hands up by my shoulders to show I was no threat.

Until it occurred to me that dogs, not being familiar with armed robbery, may have interpreted my raised hands as an attack posture instead of

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