Communication Skills

If You Have a Terrible Boss, This May Make You Feel Better


Before we talk about terrible bosses let’s talk about terrible singers. Have you ever watched one of those singing competitions? You’ll hear an audition that sounds like a catfight on a chalkboard and think, “Does this chick seriously think she has a chance in hell to win this?”

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Are You Curious About How to be Successful?


For a few years I was part of a group of women mentors at a local university. The school has a program that matches sophomore women in the business school with women already out in the workplace. The role of the mentor is to share ideas, tips, information, support and hopefully wisdom to help the students be as prepared as possible to launch into the work world.

At one of the events, all of the mentors were asked to share what one trait each of us considered vital to being successful.

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Who is with Me to Stop the Snippy Email?

Certainly you’d never fire off a snippy email but I’ll bet you work with people who would and do. I know this because I’ve experienced it and I also hear about it every single week from people in corporate America. So this post isn’t really about you. It’s for you to share with those other people. From now on when I say “you” I mean “them.” Moving along.

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Five Ways to Instantly Appear Poised and Professional

You probably know these ideas, but knowing them doesn’t necessarily mean we remember to do them, right? Perception is reality. If you want to attract business, collaborate effectively, be comfortable walking into a room of strangers, and get along with people in general, the little behaviors matter quite a bit. Appearing poised and professional instead of anxious and amateurish is as easy as putting these five tips into action.

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5 Ways to Get to the Point More Quickly

Learning, I’m usually a bottom-liner. I want to know what I’m supposed to learn and right now, please. I don’t need seven examples illustrating the point or three case studies about people who implemented this new process or idea.

Here are five instances when you might be able to get to your point more quickly, saving yourself and others time and probably annoyance, too.

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