Communication Skills

How to Have Your Say Without Sounding Like a Jerk

work hard and be nice

It’s not what you say it’s the way you say it.

Did you grow up with your parents saying that to you, like I did? Tone, body language, facial expression and word choice all come together to create either a positive or negative experience in conversation. See the examples below to illustrate this point.

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An Easy Way to Sound Smarter

A couple of months ago a person with my best interest at heart was within earshot as I had a casual conversation. This was a conversation he was welcome to join but didn’t. That he didn’t join was neither a good thing nor a bad thing so his not adding to the conversation went unnoticed.…

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How to Handle the Help Rejecting Complainer

help rejecting complainer

I love people. Or perhaps I should say I’m fascinated by people. Hours are spent learning about what motivates people to behave the way they do. All to better understand why they do what they do, so when they want to do things differently, I can help them do that. In this pattern of ongoing…

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