Communication Skills

How To Avoid Having People Curse Your Name

curse your name

You have an early meeting and wake up ahead of normal schedule in order to arrive on time and be prepared. Since it’s a breakfast meeting you don’t eat at home. You get to the meeting spot and no one is there. You wait for a bit thinking that you’re the first to arrive – maybe traffic was bad for them. But 10 minutes go by and

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When Does an Apology Stop Being an Apology?


It wasn’t a work appointment; it was my son’s violin lesson. But it was an appointment. And it was completely off of my radar screen until she called me at what would have been 15 minutes into the lesson.

Now missing an appointment is embarrassing for any person, but missing an appointment when your business is

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Get Off of Your Keester and Get Stuff Done

get things done

Every day, in every moment you have the opportunity to make decisions about how to spend your time. You can choose to do things that make you happy in the moment and you can choose things that make you happy over the long haul.

Procrastination is maddening (even if you’re the only one who knows you’re procrastinating).

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What Your Free Advice is Actually Worth

free advice

Advice is a tricky thing. Often you need it but aren’t comfortable asking for it because to do so means a level of vulnerability. Other times you don’t actually want advice when you talk about challenges, you just need for the other person to listen in order to be able to draw your own conclusions.

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Angry? You Have Three Options.


You can lose a lot of time and energy being mad. Anger can inspire, but more often it erodes productivity. So if you’re angry. Really angry. What to do?

You can stay mad. Just let the bile build up inside you until it chews you up from the inside out. Some people who choose this option think they’re good

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