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What You Need to Get Unstuck Depends on How Stuck You Are


Have you ever been stuck? Just not sure where to go from here? Maybe you have so much to do that you’re stuck in a paralyzed way. Or perhaps you’re stuck choosing between two options. Or even stuck because you don’t have enough information or skill in a particular area.

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My Three Words for 2017. What Are Yours?

words for 2017

A number of years ago I learned about a different kind of New Year’s Resolution from Chris Brogan. Rather than make a sweeping promise about some big change to make starting January 1st, he suggests choosing three words to guide you through the year. I’ve done that for the last few years.

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A Guide to Surviving the Client from Hell and the Wimpy Manager

client from hell and wimpy manager

You have a horrible client who is not only demanding, but rude and dismissive as well. Your manager, believing that this client’s business is very important, does nothing. If it was your company you’d fire the client, but it’s not your company. You know from past experience that your boss will never do anything to help the situation. Sure, once in awhile she tells you she knows how awful it is, but the situation never changes. Getting up the nerve for you to say something to the client would be pretty much impossible. But even it were possible it would probably result in a reprimand in your personnel file, a demotion or getting fired — and you need this job.

What do you do?

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On the Radio: Finding Contentment in this Crazy Busy World


Donna Gamache had me as a guest on her BlogTalk Radio show and we had a great conversation about how to find contentment in this crazy, busy, loud world — including why you would even want to do.

We talk about tips for reducing stress, tackling that giant to do list, feeling accomplished every day, ….

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