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The Best Way to Build Your Subscriber List Fast

Before I share with you the best way to build your list, the message I want to scream from the rooftops is how not to build your list. Here are a few common practices that aren’t OK. Just to make certain you’re not an offender, keep reading. You may be surprised.

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Why You Might Be Leaving a Lousy Impression

sidebar conversation

At two recent events I was the victim of the Sidebar Conversation. This is a conversation an attendee starts with his or her “neighbor” – during the presentation. It may be about the topic, but it’s still a conversation while the speaker is speaking. And it’s rude.

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Are You Curious About How to be Successful?


For a few years I was part of a group of women mentors at a local university. The school has a program that matches sophomore women in the business school with women already out in the workplace. The role of the mentor is to share ideas, tips, information, support and hopefully wisdom to help the students be as prepared as possible to launch into the work world.

At one of the events, all of the mentors were asked to share what one trait each of us considered vital to being successful.

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Don’t Be an Atrocious Networker!

atrocious networker

If you network as part of your business then this post is for you. Without very much effort, you can find a networking event to attend every day of the week at any time of day. Some events have an education element as a bonus but barring that, the primary purpose of the event is to meet new people who will help you accomplish one goal.

When you walk in the door of an event you share a common goal with every other person there. That commonality is likely the desire for more business.

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