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Lose Ten Pounds in a Week and Get Organized Forever!

get organized forever

If you believe the book title hype, the magazines and the infomercials you can lose ten pounds in a week and get organized forever!

But you probably don’t believe that first one. Most reasonable people know that promise is bunk. But there are an awful lot of you who think you should be able to get organized forever.

It doesn’t work that way, so give yourself a break.

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What to Do with Binders of Conference Materials

Every office I’ve ever been in has had several binders, if not shelves full, of conference materials gathered at events over the years. They take up space that might be put to better use — but how do you know if you can and should get rid of them?

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How to Boost Productivity AND Creativity

“I have to be spontaneous. Structure saps all of my creativity. Routine is boring.”

I hear this all the time from creative types, but the thinking is flawed. Established routines serve two important functions:

Routines allow you to do certain things without expending too much brain power . Doing specific things at certain times of the day, following processes, even adhering to checklists means you think less about

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