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Paper Management

What to Do with Binders of Conference Materials

Every office I’ve ever been in has had several binders, if not shelves full, of conference materials gathered at events over the years. They take up space that might be put to better use — but how do you know if you can and should get rid of them?

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How to Capture To Dos On-the-Go

capture to do on the go

It’s one thing to sit at your desk and think of tasks you need to get done and then plunk them on your to do list. But what do you do when you’re going from place to place all day and yet still have to capture new tasks so you don’t forget about them before…

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Simplify: Don’t Forget to Do These Things

simplify what you have to remember

I wrote a blog post earlier this week and unbelievably I never saved it. Where was my head? I spent a few minutes I’ll never get back trying to retrieve the document that it’s clear I will also never get back. It’s gone and you’d think I would have learned this lesson by now.

I’ll rewrite it but don’t have the motivation to do that right now. So instead I’ve compiled a list of things we shouldn’t forget to do. You may know these things, but sometimes we forget to do the things we know.

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To Trash or Not to Trash Those Papers

to trash or not to trash

You can get rid of a lot more paper than you think.. Here are several questions to ask yourself when deciding whether to keep or trash a piece of paper.

Is this the only paper copy in existence? No sense in multiple people filing multiple copies.

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The Remedy for Those Overwhelming Paper Piles

paper piles

Piles accumulate on the desk — and any other flat surface — because you’re not sure where to put them and choose to decide “later.” In practice, there aren’t that many choices after all. Here are the five places where that paper can go…

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