A Two Step Process to Stop Procrastinating


I’ll spare you the storytelling set-up paragraph. If you found the title intriguing enough to get this far you can probably tell your own story about how frustrating it is to procrastinate. Here are two steps to stop procrastinating.

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Productivity: 9 Surefire Ways to Decimate It

9 ways to decimate productivity

See if these describe you or someone with whom you work…

Procrastinate: That thing that you don’t want to do isn’t going to be any more appealing if you put it off for hours, days or weeks. Do it or decide you’ll never do it but quit avoiding it and making yourself miserable.
Hoard information: Being the holder of all of the information simply means other people on the team are in the dark. A team that’s working half in the dark can’t reach the goal in any kind of timely or profitable way. Having more information doesn’t make you more valuable.

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How Feeling Good Makes You Do Good

Think back to a time when you disappointed yourself. Perhaps you missed a deadline due to procrastination. Or cheated big time on your diet. Maybe promised yourself you’d do a dreaded task and then just kept making excuses instead of actually doing it.

Now think about how you treated yourself when you disappointed yourself. If you’re like most people, you beat yourself up. Said all sorts of disparaging things about how you should plan better, have more discipline, be more committed.

Are those thoughts a successful strategy

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Books on Procrastination: Two Reviews

art of procrastination

I read two books about procrastination last weekend.

The first is The On-Time, On-Target Manager. If you are a novice procrastinator (or have a “friend” who is and out of sheer generosity you bone up on the issue in order to help your “friend”) that may be the book for you. It maps out, through a fable about Bob, the downsides of procrastination.

Bob learns, evidently for the first time, that

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Don’t Put Off Reading This Post About Procrastination

Solving the Procrastination Puzzle

There aren’t many resources that I couldn’t live without, but this is one of them. It’s all about procrastination.

Tim Pychyl, Ph.D. is the Director of the Centre for Initiatives in Education and an Associate Professor of Psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa. Tim’s website, Procrastination Research Group is packed with helpful resources to help people better understand and deal with procrastination.

His podcasts feature

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