Reducing Stress

8 Compelling Reasons to Slow Down at Work

slow down

Schedules are packed and deadlines are tight. Combined, you feel like you need to speed up to pack everything in. But there are smart reasons to do just the opposite. Take a breath and slow down. Here, eight reasons why you should.

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If You Have a Terrible Boss, This May Make You Feel Better


Before we talk about terrible bosses let’s talk about terrible singers. Have you ever watched one of those singing competitions? You’ll hear an audition that sounds like a catfight on a chalkboard and think, “Does this chick seriously think she has a chance in hell to win this?”

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15 Ways to Make this the Best Holiday Ever

I’ve heard stories about some pretty ugly behavior in the shopping malls and seen a few disturbing scenes myself in traffic and stores. I’ve also listened as people fret over all there is to do (on top of already packed schedules) and how in the world to resist all the temptations that derail efforts to eat clean and healthy. These quick ideas will turn the stress around and help you focus on the right things.

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