Reducing Stress

Your Brain May Be Sabotaging Your Success

nocebo effect

You’re likely familiar with the placebo effect. It’s when a patient experiences a positive reaction to an inert drug or procedure because he has been told that is what the drug or procedure will do.

Not as well known is the nocebo reaction. C

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Doom

Recently I was working with a woman who was waiting for some job-related news. The longer she waited the more certain she was that the outcome was going to be bad. In her mind, in the vacuum that was created from lack of new information, she created stories to support the idea that the outcome would be negative.

Sound familiar?

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Can Ironing (or Puttering) Save Your Sanity?

Your schedule of late has been overwhelming. Deadlines, new projects tacked onto a full to do list, family responsibilities, mistakes to fix (maybe yours, maybe someone else’s) volunteer commitments to fulfill, personal tasks to attend to, difficult conversations to be had. All in a day’s, or maybe week’s, work. What would be nice right about…

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I Had a Heart Attack and So Can You

surviving a heart attack

In December of 2007 I had a heart attack. No history of heart issues. I was healthy and fit, exercising six days a week, eating a pretty balanced diet and not drinking more than I should.

It was a total fluke. A medical situation that 70% of the time is diagnosed post mortem (when you’re dead). So I got very lucky. I didn’t want to make a big deal of it and still don’t. But I do think there were a few things that happened that might be able to help someone else, so on the anniversary of my undeadness, here are some tips…

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