three wordsAn alternative to making a resolution is to choose three words that become the hub for your decisions, activities and thoughts in the year.  Thanks to Chris Brogan, for this great idea. Last year my words were Simplify, Now and Connect.  If you’re curious, you can read why I chose those words here.

They worked out really well, having a huge positive impact during the year because all decisions and activities were bounced off of those words checking for alignment.

Here are my three words for this year.

Service – the entire reason MCK Coaching exists is to serve others and to make a living doing it. The making a living part is obviously important, if service is my primary focus the revenue will take care of itself.  Though the year is young I’ve constantly been asking, “How can I be of service to my clients, potential clients, and others who need the expertise I offer?”  The question has already inspired a new offering added to my list of services – and additional revenue as well.

Results – Armed with a detailed list of personal commitments, professional projects and financial projections that were developed in early December in preparation for the year ahead, I can determine whether any activity gets me closer to, or further from, the results I want.

What that looks like in practice is asking, Is this…

  • …networking group producing results?
  • …food choice providing energy or sapping it?
  • …volunteer commitment still rewarding/a good fit?
  • …book/class/workshop providing information I really need?
  • …new purchase something I will love, or soon to be clutter?
  • …exercise program getting me results?

Anytime the answer is no then the decision is simple. (Although perhaps not easy, as in the case of powdered doughnuts – which I am evidently powerless to refuse.)  The focus is on Results.

Laugh – Last year was not a great one on any front and I was quite fine with saying to say goodbye to it. Worse, somehow I often forgot to draw on my sense of humor.  How tragic! Not this year. Even a cat video will do.

Now I don’t imagine the words I chose matter all that much to you, though you did read to this point – very kind of you.  Obviously, I wrote this post hoping it might inspire you to choose some words for yourself. It’s not too late. It’s never too late. Pick a word or two or three and see how it turns out for you.