facebook exit doorIt’s despicable and horrendous that Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica to exploit user information for nefarious purposes. If you don’t know what I’m referring to you can read about it here. The only upside to the whole disaster is that finally, after many years of waffling, the decision to delete my account was easy.

The freedom is close to intoxicating.

“FB is a valuable business platform,” marketers advise. “It’s such a great way to stay in touch with friends you might not see often enough,” say others. “It’s THE way to build a tribe who care about what you care about.” All three can be true but I still didn’t want to play. Haven’t wanted to play since day one. It just seemed like not doing so would be closing myself off to potential, connections, friends, even business.

So, I played in a less than even half-hearted kind of way. Maybe one-sixteenth hearted.

Then this gross misuse of information happened, and I saw the exit door. Before sauntering to freedom, I downloaded my archived information to see what they had on me. Dozens of companies/advertisers have all my information which made me mad. But the kicker wasn’t about what they have on me. They also have every single phone number of every single one of my contacts.

My contacts didn’t sign up for this.

Yeah, much of this could be fixed by changing my privacy settings but frankly, I never took the time to learn much about the platform. Besides, how to do anything on it changes frequently enough that learning once won’t cut it. You must stay on top of it. Constantly.

I’d rather clean toilets.

Which brings me to the reason for this this post. One skill you must have in this era of volume of things to do + speed at which you must do it is the ability to choose. It’s vital to be good at choosing on what you’ll focus your attention. You can’t do everything. Facebook lost the attention competition.

Truth is, this matters only to me. It’s unlikely one soul will notice I’m gone.

How about you? What do you need to dump? What are you only “one-sixteenth” in? What’s the thing you don’t do because you hate spending time on it but then waste time thinking about how you should be doing it more?

Put that way the decision seems easier I’ll bet.

Take the leap! Take one thing out of your truckload-full of choices.

Feels pretty good out that exit door.