impending storms

Perhaps you want to organize your desk at work or even a closet at home. In order to do so you have to take everything out and start sorting. In the midst of the effort you look around and the stuff that was artfully concealed in drawers or behind doors is now in piles at – out in full view. Panic may rear its ugly head.

The goal is to get organized, simplify, have less stuff, be able to find things, get rid of outdated papers, create better systems, increase productivity, whatever. But the work you have to do to get there creates a bigger mess than you had when you started.

This is the storm before the calm.  In the end you’ll get rid of some stuff and what remains will be fitted into the proper space and you’ll have the organized desk or closet that you set out to create.

Similarly, perhaps you’re growing your business. In order to be able to make additions to your staff, you first have to have the business and resulting revenue to make it fiscally responsible. So, short-staffed, you and whatever staff you have (if any) must work twice as long and hard to generate that revenue. You have to weather the labor-intensive storm knowing that (relative) calm will come when your financial numbers support the addition of much-needed personnel.

But deciding to forge into that storm isn’t easy and is the primary reason we don’t make changes that will ultimately make our life easier.  Calmer. The idea of going through the period of added turmoil is just too daunting.

You might ask yourself, what storm am I avoiding and thereby eliminating the potential for calm? Changing jobs? Getting your files and paperwork under control? Purging your home of unwanted stuff?

If the goal you strive for means enough to you, think through the process and get going. Keep your sights on the goal and persevere no matter how slow or insignificant your progress may seem at times. The calm is there – waiting for you.