have a great dayHow about a little UNspiration.

Did your day start with burnt toast? Or did your pet (dogs and cats both guilty) ralphed up something horrendous which you found when you stepped in it? Or did you lose your keys or get a flat tire on the way to work?  Maybe all of those things happened to you.  Lucky you!

Then a co-worker or perhaps the cheery barista chirped a sunny “Have a great day!” which caused you to politely half-grimace half-smile while thinking…”too late for that.”

Not being Debbie Downer it’s unlikely the bad stuff will ruin my entire day. Neither am I a Pollyanna so it’s also unlikely that I’ll thank the universe for the setbacks as if they’re some sort of gift.  Lousy stuff happens and it can be a tall order to have an entire day that’s “great.”

It’s just a phrase, I know. But you can take that old phrase and turn it on it’s head for some INspiration.

Instead, what about having a Great Moment? Even on the worst of days some small things can happen that are pretty nice, even great. In all, one or more great moments during a day is entirely do-able. Doesn’t it feel better knowing you can accomplish that?

Have a Great Moment.  Or several.