losing weight like overcoming procrastinationBoth are impossible.

Just kidding. It just seems that way sometimes.

A search of Amazon for weight loss books pulls up 122,522 results.

If I asked you what you need to do, generally, to lose weight what would you answer?

Eat less and move more, right? It’s pretty simple.

Yet there are over 122,000 books out there sharing wisdom about how to shed those pounds. That’s because people want a different answer than the one they have. Even if the answer they already have would lead them to the result they want. The hope is that maybe this new diet will be easier. Maybe this plan won’t require a change in eating and exercise habits.  Or maybe the changes will seem so small as to be do-able while still resulting in big weight loss.

At the same time, you know that at the root of it a plan and discipline are required. If you make the right choices more often than you make choices that lead you away from your goal, you’ll eventually weigh what you want to weigh. It doesn’t take reading 122,000 books to know that, but that doesn’t stop us from wishing there were an easier way.

Search Amazon for “overcoming procrastination” and there are 2,642 results. In those results you’ll find many reasons why you procrastinate, what’s happening in the procrastinator’s brain, types of procrastination, processes to follow to stop procrastinating, tips, charts, methods and tricks – all to help you get off of your bum and do the work.

But at the root of this challenge is that at some point you just have to do it.  You have to stop wringing your hands or turning to email (an avoidance technique) or justifying why you should do it later or never do it at all – and just do it.

With losing weight, it is important to find exercise that you enjoy – or at least don’t dread – and food that satisfies you. Eating well and staying active isn’t a short term deal.  If you want to stay fit you have to keep it up, so it just makes sense to make it all as pleasant as possible.  Consequently the information you get in a few of those 122,000 books is, of course, helpful if you learn things that will make your journey to a healthy body enjoyable.

Same thing with overcoming procrastination. I’m able to share a great deal of information about how to tackle and conquer the tasks that languish on your to do list. There is huge value in the tips, processes and mindsets I share that help pave the way to getting things done and feeling accomplished instead of putting things off and feeling guilty. And in the end it’s you who makes the decision in a given moment to get started rather than delay another day.

It’s like Dorothy and the ruby slippers.  You have the power all along.