change“You have to at least try it. One bite.”

Ever hear that as a kid when a pile of creamed corn was staring at you from the dinner plate? You protested that you didn’t want to eat it because “I hate creamed corn and it will make me vomit!”

“But,” your mom countered, “you’ve never HAD creamed corn so how could you know that?”

“One bite. Then you can leave the table.” The standoff begins.

I work with clients who want to change something about the way their day/life works. Either they’re overwhelmed by too much to do, feel disorganized, hate the way their office space looks, procrastinate more than they’d like, have trouble delegating, need to have a difficult conversation, etc.

In order to make these changes I work with them to learn additional skills, develop better processes, create new systems, encourage changes in mindset, etc. And occasionally that’s where the standoff begins.

“That won’t work for me” or “I’m not going to do that,” they sometimes say or imply. In fairness, I don’t expect my clients to take orders (we’re equals after all) and push-back is not only welcomed but encouraged. People may have similar challenges but the solutions are nuanced because everyone isn’t the same. Change is individual.

At the same time, being unwilling to even try a new way just prevents them from experiencing the change they seek.

Back to the creamed corn. It’s possible that the first bite is vomit-inducing and now, unpleasantly, you and mom both know. But it’s also possible that the first bite just gives you data about small changes you need to make so you’ll like it. Maybe next time just regular corn and not the creamed kind. Or maybe it needed more or less seasoning.

The first bite/step may not be the most comfortable thing but you have to do it in order to see where to go next.

When you have a solution in front of you, give it a fair shot and see where it works and where it doesn’t work. Make changes from there and you’re on the road to the final fix.

(But canned beets? Don’t even talk to me about canned beets. Ugh.)