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Want a second brain to work through business issues with you?

Need to focus more time on the business?

Know your culture isn't what it could be?

If you can relate, we should talk. I help business leaders just like you improve the ability to work intentionally, defuse office drama, prioritize strategically and make consistent progress toward goals. The results: Greater focus on what matters, increased business success and more fulfillment and happiness on the job. 


Mary Kutheis

Executive Coach & Confidant

So how do you fix what's not working?

Those challenges are addressed through coaching and training. I’m a confidential partner who listens, diagnoses and advises. I teach the skills and mindset to optimize both your time and your on-the-job relationships. After engaging with me, you have systems and processes to use time to your best advantage and greater insight into yourself and others. With new skills and an improved mindset, you eliminate the overwhelm, get more of the right things done, enjoy a better culture and find yourself being happier at work.

There are a million coaches out there. What’s different about my process?


It’s about you first.

Time management systems fail because they aren’t rooted in who you are as a human being. What I share with you isn’t just another system of time blocking and list making or general tips about how to be a better commmunicator. It starts as a human process – tapping into who you are, how you work, what drives you and where you’re going. Then we create solutions tailored to your unique style, habits, preferences and goals.


Unique expertise.

Owners sometimes come to me to improve only their time management, but in every case, people issues come to the surface. People issues are an enormous time suck and energy destroyer. I have a mastery of time and people management – a unique combination of expertise. People are at the root of the culture of your business. Culture matters, so people matter. Get better at understanding and leading people and your culture will be a magnet to other top performers.



I’ve established an accountability process that clients say they haven’t seen with other coaches. Because you’re the boss or in a leadership position, there’s nobody making you do anything. I help hold your feet to the fire for things you’ve wanted to make happen, perhaps for a long while. I kindly and firmly keep you accountable to yourself and your professional and business growth.



Tons of it. My thirty-six years of business and people experience is put to use for you. I spent 17 years working for other people and have been a business owner for 19. I see and understand the big picture. Then we drill down to key issues and create targeted solutions focused on the most effective use of your time and creating a culture of collaboration.



Intuition, or following your gut, is important. Even better is intuition backed by science. I’m certified in multiple assessments to deepen your understanding of yourself and others. Coaching engagements start with a fascinating look into who you are and why you do what you do. Every client remarks at how dead-on the results are. It’s a rocket ship to me understanding you and an opportunity for you to gain extraordinary clarity about yourself.


If you could make the changes you want on your own, you would have.

Working as a team, the situations that have challenged you are uncovered and eliminated.

You get the results you’re looking for because you have a partner working alongside you.

Check out the Minute Shift.

Ideas for small but significant changes. Sent weekly. About 60 seconds out of your day. Swear.

Says one subscriber, "47 seconds of the best advice you're going to get all week."


Making Minutes Matter: OUT NOW!

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my first book, Making Minutes Matter. It's a step-by-step guide to help you make the best decisions about how you focus your time and energy in your business.


Looking to sample the text?

Ready to get clarity and focus? 

Curious about how much actual money it could be costing for you and your team to not be as focused and collaborative as you could be?


Check out the Cost of Lost Time Calculator.

I designed this site to be a resource for YOU.

Check out my blog for a wealth of fast reads full of helpful tips and advice.

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