If figure is not calculated, be sure you have filled in all blanks, using zeros where figures are not applicable to your situation. All results are confidential, visible only to you and are not saved.

This figure is your Cost of Inaction. Revenue and profitability take a hit when time isn't managed effectively and on-the-job relationships and collaborations aren't handled optimally. Is it worth it to undertake a project to fix what's not working? This dollar figure should impact your answer.

The effect on wellness (stress-related health issues, absenteeism, etc.) isn't specifically calculated here, but can be significant. Wellness, or lack thereof, also impacts the bottom line.

If you haven't yet done so, take the Time Management & Work Relationships Quiz to determine where you might make improvements to shrink this, perhaps sobering, number.

* Calculations are based on an 8-hr day working 258 days annually.