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    I follow a clear plan each workday.
    I easily readjust priorities as needed.
    I make adequate progress on long-term projects.
    My meetings are productive/a good use of time.
    I know what motivates me to do my best work.
    Interruptions are not a problem for me.
    I feel rested, healthy and energized.
    I project a confident, capable, poised image.
    I always do important -not easy- tasks first.
    I'm very comfortable delegating work.
    I'm at ease handling conflict at work.
    My workload is reasonable and do-able.
    I effectively take and access notes.
    I use one calendar/system.
    My "style" seems to mesh well with others.
    I have no trouble focusing.
    I effectively manage tasks and projects.
    Email isn't a problem for me.
    Procrastination is never an issue for me.
    I like my work and enjoy my job.
    I’m content with how my time is spent.