to do listBefore I tell you about the best To Do list, indulge me while I tell you about the bad ones. How about the miscellaneous scraps of paper and no-longer-sticky sticky notes that are jumbled haphazardly on the desk. Or the several lists on various pages of multiple legal pads. Or maybe the one giant messy list with lots of stuff crossed out and more stuff jammed onto the bottom of the list.

The problem with these lists is that they are disorganized, overwhelming, unreliable and impossible to prioritize.

Create one Brain Dump List with everything on it. However, this is not the list you work from each day. Nope. From your Brain Dump List choose a maximum (I’m watching you) of three tasks and put them on a nice clean sheet of paper. When you get those three tasks complete you can go back to your Brain Dump List and pick two or three more based on how much time you have left in the day.

Having a small, manageable list allows you to focus on your highest priority needs without seeing absolutely everything you have to do every time you glance at your list. That there strategy is a crazy-maker.