getting things doneItems without a verb don’t belong on a To Do list. For example, website, marketing plan, staff party, case study, office relocation — to name a few — are all items I’ve seen on To Do lists. Problem is those are projects, not tasks, and when you see a project on a To Do list you realize you really need a larger chunk of time to work on that so move on to something more do-able. Even if that more do-able thing is a lower priority than the first task associated with completing the project.

Every task that you need to complete should include a verb. Here are some verbs from which to choose: call, meet, e-mail, schedule, plan, write, draft, compose, review, research, buy, price, compare, think about, look up, find, file, sort, purge, clean out.

You get the drift.

Now go get some stuff done.